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Residents Stay Fit with Train Boston®

Waterstone at the Circle partners with Train Boston® – the area’s premier training and physical therapy center – to bring professional-level, medically based fitness and wellness opportunities to our residents.

Train Boston’s certified trainers help residents create personal fitness plans based o assessments of their current ability levels and fitness goals.

Private workout sessions and group exercise classes are led by Train Boston Fitness & Aquatic Instructors in our fitness center and heated indoor exercise pool.

Complimentary Group Classes for Waterstone at the Circle Residents

Train Boston’s team of instructors design programs focused on keeping our residents healthy, safe and active. These classes address balance, conditioning, flexibility and strength in order to reduce fall risks, improve overall functioning and decrease pain and stiffness during everyday activities.

Movement X

These floor exercises are designed to help residents increase their range of motion, flexibility, core strength, and mobility of the spine and SI joint. Exercises include static and dynamic stretching, core and glute activation, and mobility drills.

Hydro Fit

Aquatic exercises use resistance from water and hydro-bells to help residents train several different muscle groups with strength-building linear and lateral movements, single-leg balance drills, low-impact cardio drills and more.

Rise Up

Chair exercises focus on improving range of motion, stretching and balancing to help residents stay safe and steady on their feet. The low-impact class incorporates drills in the seated and standing positions.

One-on-One Training Sessions

For those looking for private classes with a certified trainer, Train Boston offers one-on-one training to our residents for a fee.